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Full 12 Part Series - Webinar Topics
Enroll in as many modules as you need! Here is the full series of topics:

A)  Substitute Decision-making, Consent & Capacity - 4 one hour webinars (for more information, click here)
1)  When your client's capacity is in doubt.How can I help and what do I need to know?
2)  Advance Care Planning & Health Care Consent - Getting your wishes respected.From basics to beyond
3)  Power of Attorney - Myth Busters.You may be surprised!
4)  Inter-jurisdictional Issues - When common law is not so common.

B)  Families and Contracts - 4 one hour webinars (for more information, click here)
5)  Private Care Arrangements - All under one roof?
6)  Later-life Love and Marriage - Yours, Mine, Ours.Theirs?
7)  Family Financial Arrangements - Loans, Legacy, Love & Lies
8)  Grandparents - Access, Estrangement, Rights & Money

C)  Hidden Topics, Ethical Challenges - 4 one hour webinars (for more information, click here)
9)   Privacy and Aging - Hot Topics
10)  Your own Arrangements - Taking Care of Business - Practicing to a Higher Standard.Why you HAVE to!
11)  Elder Abuse - Rights, Responsibilities, Reticence & Respect
12)  Care-giving - Leave and Legal Issues.When you need to 'drop everything,' can you?