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Aging and the Law Webinar series is produced by the Age-Friendly Business® International Group of Companies.

Age-Friendly Business® helps professionals and business from all industries learn how to excel in the 50+ market by becoming more Age-Friendly.  Businesses learn how to better attract and retain boomer and senior customers by offering targeted, relevant, respectful and age-appropriate services, products, and environments.

It started with the Age-Friendly Cities Initiative endorsed by the United Nations, and embraced by cities throughout the world.  It is now time to ensure that the Age-Friendly Experience extends beyond municipal infrastructure to embrace all aspects of community life and interaction.

We have a vision of a future where maturing adults from around the world will know they have a place in our communities and businesses where they are welcome, acknowledged, safe, and respected.  Our logo, a purple wave (representing the age wave) is becoming a symbol of service excellence for the 50+ market, and is proudly displayed on doors and windows in banks, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, busses, airlines, and office buildings, etc.  A history of age-discrimination and older persons feeling reduced and invisible is becoming a thing of the past.